AJ Energi & Strø - bedding of 100% rapeseed straw

The rapeseed straw is a natural product which is Danish processed, heat treated, with minimal dust and free of bacteria.
The bedding is extremely absorbent, which means that the surface is always dry, and this results in a better environment in the stable.

It can be used almost anywhere and often with great results in terms of time/quantity/economy – compared to shavings or regular straw.

AJ-Rapestrawpellets for horses
The product is very appropriate to bedding for horseboxes, because the pellets are germ-free and with minimum content of dust, and therefore it has a positive effect on thrush and colic. Furthermore, it is much easier to muck out, because you have less material that must be moved and with it you have a smaller dunghill. The rapestrawpellets can absorb until, they are orange or totally dark brown.

Benefits af using AJ-Rapestrawpellets

  • Pure natural product, heat-treated.
  • Extreme suction capacity.
  • Soft bouncy base. Some horses are using it as rest lair.
  • Absorbs from the bedding / Always a dry surface.
  • Ties the ammoniac smell.
  • Positive effect on “thrush” and colic.
  • Better stable environment / minimise flies.
  • Does not stick to the concrete, easy to clean up/wash.
  • Minimal dunghill (around 35 %)
  • Easy daily muck out and cheat to use
  • Quick to convert in the field
  • In pellets (8 millimetre)


Application - bedding for horseboxes
Apply of a new box, are you using 5 centimetres of AJ-rapestrawpellets in the whole box. The pellets will be extending around 2½ time it’s normal size. If it tends to give off some dust in the beginning, possibly it is a good idea to give the bedding some water (we recommend you give around 7-10 litre of water per box).

In your daily routine, you remove all horse droppings and wet spots. Normally you give new pellets once a week (around 30-40 kg), so you always have 10-12 cm of bedding in the box. Sometimes you give more/ or less of the bedding. It depends on the horse/ or pony. When the pellets are crushed, can you rake the box, so you always have a soft and welcoming box.

Annual consumption approx.
1.000 kg per box/horse and approx.
500 kg per box/pony.

AJ-Transport bedding
AJ-Transport bedding is a unique product for horse transport. The rape seed is a pure natural product. The bedding has an extreme suction capability, which means that the surface is always dry and thereby ensures a non-slip surface for the horse during the transport.

AJ-Transport has the advantage that it will not roll around in the trailer while driving. The bedding also provides a soft and resilient surface for the horse to stand on, which is easy to handle, and easy to clean, as it does not bind to the floor.

For start-up of the trailer, approx. 3 cm layer of AJ-Transport throughout the trailer.

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