AJ X30 for Pigs

AJ X30 - For Pig Producers

AJ X30 is used in herds where you want improved growth,
improved feed conversion, less spread in lives weight among pigs and reduction of antibiotic use.

AJ X30 is composed of natural feed raw materials.

Gastric ulcer and AJ X30

The occurrence of stomach ulcers in pigs is quite common - it is often a "hidden" problem, which is largely only confirmed at slaughter.

Gastric ulcer typically occurs when the lining of the stomach is broken down or damaged.

The AJ X30 is designed to maintain the lining of the stomach.

Gastric ulcer and AJ X30
Fodertilskud svinebesætninger

Positive effects when using AJ X30

- Prevent the breakdown of the lining of the stomach
- Increases weight gain
- Reduces weight difference for pigs in same pen
- Increases the meat percentage
- Targeted stabilization of intestinal flora
- Improve feed conversion
- Reduction of antibiotic use
- Better harmony in the pen, less noise, fewer bites and earlobes
- Binding of ammonia in the stomach
- Reduces the presence of harmful bacteria in the stomach
- Increases nitrogen content in manure

AJ X30 Results

Experiments from 30 - 60 kg. - 24 control groups (300 pigs per group) vs. 4 AJ X30 groups (300 pigs per group).

AJ X30 has shown a significant difference in feed conversion as well as a positive effect on:

  • Daily gain
  • Meat percentage
  • Antibiotic use
  • Mortality
AJ X30 Results

AJ X30 application

Use from 30 - 100 kg.

- Mix the feed with 1% of the dry feed part.

AJ X30 can be added in the mixer or directly in the wet feed tank.

Weight distribution for control pigs

Fodertilskud til svinebesætninger

Weight distribution for AJ X30 pigs

Fodertilskud til svinebesætninger

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