KOX20 for cows

KOX20 – for high-yield cows

KOX20 is a combination of minerals used as a supplement
in mixed feeds etc. to improve utilisation of the feed’s properties.

Approved for use in organic herds

Positive effects of KOX20

  • Increases milk production by 1-3 kg per cow per day
  • Increases feed utilisation
  • Effective against E. coli and other bacteria – reduces diarrhoea
  • Positive effect on reproduction and pregnancy rate – fewer empty days
  • Reduces the occurrence of milk fever
  • Extremely effective against toxins
  • Reduces treatment with antibiotics
  • Helps make feed more homogeneous
  • More effective rumination and better protein utilisation
  • Less urea in the milk
  • Significantly reduces the ammonia concentration in the cow’s digestive system
  • Less strain on kidneys and liver
  • Improved colostrum quality
  • Increases the milk fat percentage
  • Reduces odour and loose manure
  • Binds ammonia in the manure and reduces washout

KOX20 is recommended

  • Where increased milk production is desired
  • Where problems with E. coli and other bacteria are experienced
  • Where problems with milk fever are experienced
  • Where toxins are suspected
  • In all situations where improved climate and fertiliser value are desired

KOX 20 – use

  • Initially allocate 250 g per cow per day for three weeks
  • For maintenance, allocate 150 g per cow per day
  • Mix in a feed mixer or spread directly on roughage

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