AJ Energi & Strø - AJ-Raps Dry a rapeseed based hygiene product

AJ-Raps Dry combines the unique and amazing qualities from all of our rape straw bedding.
AJ-Raps Dry® is composed of special selected raw materials with a high proportion of rape straw,
and therefore we have a product that dries out and also functions as bedding. High absorption capacity and still homogeneous.

AJ-Raps Dry®
is an ideal start in farrowing pens where there are problems with diarrhea right after farrowing. Spread a layer in the cave and on the solid floor before farrowing. It is very important that all moist material is removed continuously and complemented with new AJ-Raps Dry®, to always keep it dry in the path. It can later be supplemented with AJ-Strømel or completely replaced with AJ-Strømel. To minimize umbilical hernia and joint inflammation. A dry farrowing pen is 90% of the solution to succeed.

AJ-Raps Dry®
In weaner stalls will help pigs during the first week through the challenge of diarrhea. Keeps it dry and gives the pig's stomach something to work on, because of the structure of the rape straw. After approximately 5 days the bedding can be supplemented with AJ-Kross Grov. If there are still problems with diarrhea after 3 weeks of age, supplement with AJ-Raps Dry®. It is also very important to remove all moist materials continuously and supplement with new AJ- Rape Dry®, to always keep the path dry.

AJ-Raps Dry®
In cubicles has a unique effect. It has a high absorption and will remain in place. Use approximately 50 grams per m2, about 2 times a week. Applied together with AJ-Kross Fin.

AJ-Raps Dry® can be used for all animal species and housing systems

  • Highly absorbent
  • Economical in use
  • Cleaner animals
  • Homogeneous
  • Better health
  • Binds the smell of ammonia
  • Minimizes fly
  • Better environment in the stable
  • Easy to use

AJ-Raps Dry®
is also used on the floor in poultry production, before AJ-Kross Grov is applied as bedding. Use approximately 50 grams per m2.

AJ-Raps Dry®
can be used for all animal species and housing systems


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