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AJ Energi & Strø - 100% rapeseed straw bedding

Our rapeseed straw is a natural product which is processed in Denmark; it is heat-treated, contains minimal dust and is free of bacteria.
The bedding is extremely absorbent, which means that the surface is always dry. It thus creates a better environment in the stable.

It can be used almost anywhere, often with considerable savings of time, quantity and cost by comparison with shavings or regular straw.

AJ-Rape straw pellets for horses
This product is an excellent bedding for horse boxes; the pellets are bacteria-free and have minimal dust content, which means that the bedding has a positive effect on thrush and colic. Furthermore, it is much easier to muck out than conventional material because there is less material to be moved and hence a smaller manure heap. The rape straw pellets continue to be absorbent until they are orange or completely dark brown.

Benefits of using AJ Rape Straw Pellets

  • Entirely natural product, heat-treated
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Soft springy base. Some horses use it to rest on
  • Moisture is absorbed into the bottom layer, keeping the surface dry at all times
  • Binds ammonia smells
  • Positive effect on thrush and colic
  • Better stable environment / minimises flies
  • Does not adhere to the concrete; easier cleaning
  • Minimal manure heap (around 35% of the size of a conventional heap)
  • Makes daily mucking out easy; cheap to use
  • Decomposes easily in the field
  • 8-mm pellets

Application – horse box bedding
In a new box, apply five centimetres of AJ Rape Straw Pellets over the whole box. The pellets will expand to around 2½ times their initial size. If some dust is given off at the outset, the bedding can be sprinkled with water (7-10 litres of water per box is recommended).

Remove all horse droppings and wet spots as part of your daily routine. New pellets (around 30-40 kg) should normally be applied once a week so that there is always 10-12 cm of bedding in the box. The quantity may be increased or decreased depending on the individual horse/pony. When the pellets have been crushed the box can be raked so that it is always soft and welcoming.

Annual consumption approx.
1,000 kg per box for a horse or
500 kg per box for a pony

AJ Transport bedding
AJ Transport bedding is a unique product for horse transport. The rape straw is an entirely natural product. The bedding is highly absorbent, which means that the surface is always dry and thus ensures a non-slip surface for the horse during transport.

AJ Transport has the advantage that it will not slide around in the trailer while driving. The bedding also provides a soft and resilient surface for the horse to stand on. Furthermore, it is easy to handle and makes the trailer easy to clean as it does not adhere to the floor.

When starting from scratch, cover the floor of the trailer with a layer of AJ Transport approx. 3 cm deep.

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