AJ Energi & Strø - bedding of 100% rapeseed straw

The rapeseed straw is a natural product which is Danish processed, heat treated, with minimal dust and free of bacteria.
The bedding is extremely absorbent, which means that the surface is always dry, and this results in a better environment in the stable.

It can be used almost anywhere and often with great results in terms of time/quantity/economy – compared to shavings or regular straw.

AJ-Kross Mink - bedding for mink
uses in the puppy time. When you are preparing the cage, you can pour around 1 litre of the product down in the cage. It gives a dry and soft cage for the mink. At the same time, the cracks will be filled up. It means that you will get a compact nest case. After the AJ-Kross Mink it is a good idea to add some coarse straw in the cage, afterwards the cage is ready for use. The product gives you an extreme high suction capacity. If the animal has some diarrhoea, you can add a bit of the product in the cage, to keep the cage nice and dry.

AJ-Kross Mink
is an extremely nice to use on the puppy net. When the net gets a bit slippery, you can add the product through the top of the cage. And then it will lay on the puppy net. It works super effective. It is always easy to bring around on the farm. The product secure that the animals have clean paws and that you uphold a nice and clean environment around the puppies. If you start a bit earlier with the product, you might secure that the cage and net is easier to clean up afterwards. A huge number of farms have over the last years used this product from AJ Energy & Bedding.

Consumption of AJ-Kross Mink

1 kg = 3 litre AJ-Kross Mink.
1 Big Bag / 800 kilos = 2.400 litre.

By use of 1L per nest cage, would 1 Big Bag of 800 kilos be enough for 2.400 nest cages.

By use of 1,5L per nest cage, would 1 Big Bag of 800 kilos be enough for 1.600 nest cages.

By use of 2L per nest cage, would 1 Big Bag of 800 kilos be enough for 1.200 nest cages.


Product document - bedding for mink:
Crushed rapeseed straw pellets for mink

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