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Arne Sønderbæk together with his firm AJ Energy & bedding was one of the first to start the use of rapestraw pellets as bedding.

Since then the use of all sorts of straw and wood pellets as bedding has increased rapidly.
Years back, Arne stopped as a pig breeder and had only empty stables left. The stables were quickly full of machinery to start the production of straw pellets for fuel, but was unsuccessful due to the amount of ashes. Along the journey they experienced that the rape straw pellets high a high absorbency and the demand from horse owners looking for pellets for bedding that were more efficient. Then the wheels started turning. We found that the entire agricultural industry was looking for new and more efficient bedding material. The product did not only work for horse stables, but also cattle, chickens/hens, pigs and mink farmers.

Dry and green environment, the well-being for both animals and humans has been a great satisfaction for Arne Sønderbæk and AJ Energy and Bedding in times where the reduction in pollution and the decreased use of fertilizers is high priority for the whole world. We are proud to use a product straight from the fields without anything added; even a material for production that is rarely used, and the finished product is able to return to the field as manure.


Arne Sønderbæk and the employees of Aj Energy and bedding have been on a journey all of the 7 years the company has existed and developed. Over time, there have been many ideas, some better than others. We are not done yet, our aim is to keep innovation high and keep following the demands of the market, but at the same time, we must not bite more than we can chew. It has been a tough journey to develop and keep on in a market full of known and older brands. We have been in need of proof, tests from institutes and local farmers and making people talk about our product, to continue to compete against the bigger companies. This has given us our “solid ground”, meaning we do not just sell a trend, but we sell a product other farmers have found to improve their overall standards and economics. We owe great thanks for all the participants who have been willing to test our products and afterwards making it a great story, without all of the help we would still be struggling today. Over time, we have been knocking on many doors and made a lot of calls, and if we had not been sturdy, maybe Aj Energy and bedding would not exist today.

Today we have a great cooperation with some of the largest distributers of agricultural equipment for farmers, both at home and abroad. More and bigger companies contact us to sell what we offer in their selections and we have veterinarians recommend our products when they visit the farmers. All of this makes us very satisfied. We value our customers and see the importance of great service, therefore we strive to deliver your ordered goods in time and that you receive the high quality you are accustomed to. Furthermore, we are very interested in creating the best environment in the stables for better animal welfare and better human well-being. Satisfied animals and customers, ensure our workplace in the future.

I wish you all well, owner, Arne Sønderbæk

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