AJ Energi & Strø - 100% rapeseed straw bedding

Our rapeseed straw is a natural product which is processed in Denmark; it is heat-treated, contains minimal dust and is free of bacteria.
The bedding is extremely absorbent, which means that the surface is always dry. It thus creates a better environment in the stable.

It can be used almost anywhere, often with considerable savings of time, quantity and cost by comparison with shavings or regular straw.

We currently manufacture five different products, all from approved and high-quality raw materials.

AJ-Strømel is used in piglet creep areas. The product stays in place, keeps the floor dry and helps prevent diarrhoea, umbilical hernia and joint inflammation. Copper, zinc and iron are naturally present in the product, which is highly absorbent and thus results in a better environment. Spread the area before farrowing with about 1.5 kg and add more if needed.

AJ-Kross Grov is used by poultry producers (free range, organic, etc.). The product has many beneficial qualities; for example, it is gentle on the feet, minimises feather-picking and accommodates the hens’ natural sandbathing behaviour.

AJ-Kross Grov is used as bedding and rooting material for pigs, whether sows or slaughter pigs. The product can be used from weaning. If the pig starts to use the manure area as a resting area, the highly absorbent AJ Kross Coarse encourages the pig to return to the right area. If tail- or flank-biting occur or the pigs become agitated, use about 100 grams per piglet twice daily for several days. Effective in environments with loose sows, as the product remains in the bed. Use of the product results in cleaner animals. It is animal-friendly and effective as a base in relief pens. Upon transfer, use about 250 grams per animal. Thereafter, apply as needed.

AJ-Kross Grov is preferred by some horse owners as they believe that the base is perfect from the start.

AJ-Kross Fin is used as bedding in cubicles for cows and calves. The product has a positive effect on infections, cell count and udder health, because it is highly absorbent and resting areas therefore remain dry. The product remains in the bed, which keeps consumption levels low. Estimated consumption about 110 kg per cow per year. Suitable for use in deep litter, calving, calf and relief boxes.

AJ-Raps Dry® is a new dry hygiene product that has the same unique qualities as our rape straw bedding products. AJ-Raps Dry® is composed of specially selected raw materials with a high proportion of rape straw, resulting in a product that dries out and also functions as bedding. It is highly absorbent and remains homogeneous.

AJ Rape Straw Pellets are used as bedding in horse stalls. The product gives the horse a well-kept box, binds ammonia smells, results in less manure and thus reduces mucking out of stalls. It is extremely absorbent. It has a positive effect on thrush and colic. Some horses use it as a resting area. When starting a box apply a layer of 5 cm of rape straw pellets across the box. Then add more about once a week. Annual consumption about 1,000 kg per box.

Our rape straw bedding is entirely natural.

The bedding is extremely absorbent, which means that the surface remains dry and results in a better stable environment.

Download or print an overview over our products here. 

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