Rape straw bedding for pets

BioBund - bedding of 100% rapeseed straw

BioBund for your pets is Danish-processed, heat-treated, bacteria-free and with minimal dust content.
The bedding has an extreme absorbency, which means that the surface is always dry and provides a better environment.

Bottom bedding for your pets

-cats, rabbits and other rodents.

Bedding for your pets. For rabbits and other rodents, you can use BioBund - the product binds the ammonia, and it is easy to muck out in the cage without changing the entire bottom litter. With a relatively small consumption, you get an animal with dry and nice fur, less odor and an easier cleaning.

Use as cat litter
Fill the tray with approx. 4 cm Biobund. The bedding has an extremely good absorbency. Everything liquid is immediately collected in solid lumps, which are easy to remove. Remove the stool regularly, but avoid messing with the material.
The bedding has a good odor binding and dust is minimal. Biobeds are allergy-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Free of bentonite.

Use as a base material for other pets
Lay a bottom of 3 - 4 cm in the entire cage.
Tips! Feed hay and straw can be used on top of Biobund. This provides a dry and absorbent bottom material, while at the same time they can build rescue and enjoy themselves in the straw.

Biobund til kæledyr

Product declaration

Rapeseed plant, nothing else.
The product is heat treated to avoid bacteria.

Product benefits

  • Low weight
  • Delay in use
  • Good odor binding
  • Dust minimal
  • Lumpy
  • Allergy friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Free of bentonite
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