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The potential of rapeseed straw

AJ Energi & Strø has initiated the production of rapeseed straw pellets for animal bedding, transitioning from pig farming to pellet production.

Initially aiming to produce fuel pellets, we faced challenges with excessive ashing but soon discovered the high absorbency of rapeseed straw pellets. Their effectiveness and demand in the equestrian community as bedding material proved superior to traditional wood pellets.

From waste to value

In our pursuit to foster a dry and green environment for animals, we transformed often overlooked rapeseed straw into a valuable commodity. This sustainable product cycles directly from the field to use and back, completing an eco-friendly loop.

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Rapeseed bedding

Innovation at the core

Over the last nine years, we have thrived on continuous innovation. With numerous ideas already successfully implemented and many more awaiting realization, our commitment remains firm to develop and complete these innovative projects.

Gratitude for trust

The journey to recognition in a competitive market required overcoming significant challenges. Critical to our success has been the support from farmers who provided their barns for trials, paired with our own relentless persistence and determination.
These efforts have cultivated strong partnerships both domestically and internationally, earning endorsements from major corporations and veterinarians.

Commitment to customer and animal welfare

We prioritize delivering high-quality service and products on schedule. Our efforts extend beyond sales to improving animal welfare with farmers, enhancing barn conditions and animal comfort.
Ensuring the satisfaction of both animals and customers is pivotal, securing our role and future in the industry.

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