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Rape straw's unique cell structure

The unique cell structure of rape straw makes it one of the best types of bedding on the market. The high cellulose content ensures one of the market's highest absorption capacities. Furthermore, rape straw has fibers that are three times longer compared to wheat straw. This results in bedding that produces less dust and is particularly suitable for horses with allergies.

Horse pellets made of 100% rape straw

We are the only ones on the danish market who sell pellets for horse boxes made of 100% rape straw. This is a decision we have made because we do not want to compromise on quality. By exclusively using rape straw, you will experience reduced consumption and a bedding that lasts longer.

The important heat treatment

One of the most important factors when choosing heat-treated bedding is that you get bedding that is free of bacteria. Heat-treated bedding generally has a much higher absorption capacity compared to shavings or ordinary chopped straw.

Absorption capacity

The rape straw pellets have a very special absorption capacity. Not only can the pellets absorb up to five times their own weight, but they also absorb from the bottom. The liquid runs through the mat and is absorbed from the bottom, ensuring that the surface remains dry. The rape straw pellets also have a special ability to absorb and encapsulate ammonia, which contributes to a good environment in the stable.


The dust from rape straw does not cause any allergic reactions compared to dust from wheat straw. This makes the pellets particularly suitable for horses with allergies. We have done our best to minimize the dust in the rape straw pellets. If you still find it dusty, you can advantageously water the box with 7-10 liters of water. By watering the pellets, you do not lose absorption capacity; you simply start the expansion process.

Appearance & taste

The appearance of the rape straw pellets is light and yellowish. The pellets have a naturally bitter taste that horses do not like to eat.


At startup, calculate 15 kg per square meter, which is a layer of 3 cm pellets. This means that a standard box of 12 square meters should start with 180-200 kg. The rapeseed pellets will expand to a layer of 9 – 12 cm within the first 24 hours.
If you have a pony, you should expect an annual consumption of 500 kg, while a horse will have an annual consumption of 1,000 kg.

Private individuals, breeding farms & riding schools

The rapeseed pellets are used by riders at all levels – from the small private owner with a single horse, to breeding farms, riding schools, and even World Championship and Olympic participants. We have users with over 10 years of experience using rapeseed pellets who are happy to share their experiences.


Rapeseed straw is a byproduct that doesn't serve a significant purpose. By collecting the rapeseed straw and compressing it into a pellet that can be used as bedding, we add value to the byproduct. When you use rapeseed pellets in your stall and later deliver the manure for biogas production or use it in your vegetable garden, it becomes part of a circular cycle.


When you use rapeseed pellets, your manure volume is minimal. Rapeseed pellets are highly suitable for biogas. The potential for biogas is higher because the rapeseed pellets are heat-treated, making them easier to convert.

Questions and Answers

See frequently asked questions & answers below

Does AJ-Rapshalmpiller produce dust?

It produces minimal dust. If you still feel it produces dust, you can lightly moisten the pellets, which will also start the pellet expansion process.

How often should I empty the entire box?

The frequency of emptying the entire box varies greatly. Some do it after 8 months, others after 12 months. It depends on the weather conditions and how much time the horse spends outside.

Have you experienced horses eating AJ-Rapshalmpiller?

AJ-Rapshalmpiller has a naturally bitter taste, and we have not seen horses or ponies eat it. CN-Zeolit is neutral in taste, and if a horse eats a little of it, it is beneficial for the horse's stomach.

How long can I store AJ-Rapshalmpiller?

It has an unlimited shelf life as long as it is kept dry.

Do AJ Rapeseed Straw Pellets come in both Big Bags and small sacks on a pallet?

Yes, AJ Rapeseed Straw Pellets are available in both small sacks of 18 kg with 1,080 kg on a pallet, as well as in Big Bags. CN-Zeolite is sold separately in sacks of 25 kg.

We are a riding school and would like to know more about the bedding. Do you have a reference?

We have several riding schools that have used AJ Rapeseed Straw Pellets for years and would be happy to share their experiences.

Are AJ Rapeseed Straw Pellets suitable for biogas?

AJ Rapeseed Straw Pellets are highly suitable for biogas, as they have a high gas potential.

How do I order rapeseed straw pellets?

You can call us at 40789625 to arrange the best delivery method for you. Alternatively, you can send us an email with your desired delivery details.

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