AJ-Raps Dry for Pigs


AJ-Raps Dry® – nature-based dry hygiene product

The product is highly absorbent and homogeneous. It has a drying effect and is very
effective against the most frequent bacteria and fungal spores while also functioning as bedding.

AJ-Raps Dry® is composed of selected, natural raw materials with a high proportion of rapeseed straw and zeolite.

AJ-Raps Dry® – dry hygiene for pigs

AJ-Raps Dry® is useful in farrowing pens where there are problems. Spread abundantly in the creep area and on the floor before farrowing. Remove all damp material regularly and supplement with more AJ-Raps Dry® to keep the pen dry. May later be supplemented / replaced with AJ Strømel.

A dry farrowing pen is 90% of the basis for success.

  • Effective against moisture and the most frequent bacteria and fungal spores
  • Highly absorbent, soaks up and retains ammonia
  • Long-lasting and easy to handle
AJ-Raps Dry®
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