KOX20 for Cattle

KOX20 - For high-performing cows

KOX20 is defined as a group of minerals used as a subsidy product

for cattle i.a. in compound feeds, in order to make better use of the qualities of the feed.

May be used in organic herds

The positive effects of KOX20

  • Increases milk yield by 1-3 kg per ko pr. day
  • Positive effect on the cow's vitality and digestion
  • Increases feed utilization
  • More efficient rumination and better protein utilization
  • Less urea in the milk
  • Increases calcium content in the blood
  • Targeted stabilization of the intestinal flora
  • Positive effect on reproduction - fewer empty days
  • Improved quality of colostrum
  • Reduces the load in the period after calving
  • Helps for more homogeneous feed
  • Significantly reduces the ammonia concentration in the cow's digestive tract
  • Less strain on kidney and liver
  • Reduce odor and flax consistency in fertilizer
  • Binds ammonia in fertilizer and reduces leaching

Approved for use in organic herds.

KOX20 fodertilskud til køer
KOX20 til køer

KOX20 application

  • As start-up, 250 gr per. ko pr. day for 3 weeks
  • As maintenance is allocated 150 gr per. ko pr. day
  • Mix in a mixer cart or dispense directly on other roughage

Read more about the herd Barkholt, who has experience with KOX20 supplement product for cows in their herds.

If you want to test KOX20 in your crew, do not hesitate to give us a call +45 40 78 96 25 - then we can have a completely non-binding talk about what KOX20 can do for your crew.

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