AJ X2 – For Zinc-Free Weaning

AJ X2 – Zinc-Free Weaning

When you want an alternative to the medical level of zinc, AJ X2 is an option.
Preserving the good microflora |  Supports a good environment in the stomach and intestines |  Allowing high protein levels | 

AJ X2 is composed of natural raw materials.

A high content of unique fiber and carefully selected feed additives provide a gastrointestinal environment that makes the good bacteria get optimal conditions and a less favorable environment for the harmful bacteria.

There is a connection between problematic weaning and the feed the pig eats. One cause of problematic weaning may be that the food does not fit the gastrointestinal development.

AJ X2 is developed with that in mind, creating a healthy balance in the gastrointestinal.

Zinkfri Grise - AJ X2 mod halebid og for bedre trivsel
 Foder  Zn eller
 Hvede, %  Vilosoy, %  Koncentrat, %  Gram SID
protein/ FE 
 Gram SID
1 1500mg ZN 65.3 12.0 22.7 135 11.9
2 5% AJ X2 62.0 11.4 21.6 128 11.3
3 5% AJ X2 59.5 14.4 21.1 138 11.8
4 5% AJ X2 57.1 17.4 20.5 147 12.3
5 2.5% AJ X2 58.6 17.8 21.1 151 12.6

Good experiences with the use of AJ X2

A Danish pig producer tested AJ X2 in 2021 with good experiences.

In the table a development is seen the in the amount of digestible crude protein and lysine in the feed. Diet changed every quarter.

Feed composition, as well as the content of digestible crude protein and lysine

FU = Feed Units (1 FE = 7.4 MJ Net Energy) (Danish System)

Vilosoy – enzymatically treated soybean meal

The table shows the digestible crude protein content increased from 128 g/FU to 151 g/FE, which is higher than the recommendations from SEGES (current at 135 g/FU).

AJ X2 application

Mix AJ X2 into the piglet feed used before and after weaning (two weeks before and two weeks after weaning).

The recommendation is to start with 5%, and if it works without any problems (at least for three months), consider lowering the inclusion level to 2.5%.

AJ X2 can be mixed with liquid feed in the tank or fed separately.

Zink fri fravænning smågrise

Quote from customers

"It has surprised me that with AJ X2 as a replacement for zinc, we can use 151 g digestible crude protein per feed unit without a problematic weaning."

Quote: Carsten, I/S Vesterballegård.

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